Receive from Ukraine

Receive from Ukraine


Receive documents and shipments from Ukraine with Nova Post.

You can pick it up at a:

  • Nova Post branch
  • parcel locker, or an InPost courier.


CategorySmall up to 2 kgMedium up to 10 kgBig up to 30 kg
Tariff for shipping to Poland, UAH300450600
Surcharge for delivery by courier 100

The specified tariff does not include possible customs payments.

  • Delivery time - from 5 days.
  • If the parcel weighs more than 25 kg or exceeds the dimensions of 41 x 38 x 64 cm, it will be delivered by courier.
  • The delivery tariff is calculated on the basis of one parcel and includes the delivery from a Nova Post branch to a Nova Post branch, or InPost or to the receiver’s address in Poland.


How to receive the delivery at a branch?

  • Following the sending of a parcel from the originating branch, the addressee will receive an SMS advising of the parcel’s departure from that branch
  • Please prepare document originals and the e-waybill number, which authorize the addressee to receive the parcel
  • The addressee has the right to examine the parcel in accordance with Nova Post regulations. The addressee has the right to weight the parcel
  • To confirm the parcel’s receipt the addressee will receive a copy of the e-Waybill along with the delivered parcel

How do I get my parcel from a parcel locker?

There are several ways for the recipient to get his/her delivery from a parcel locker:

  • if the recipient has the InPost app installed, the application will receive a push message with a QR code to open the compartment, which you can scan with the parcel locker’s scanner, and a code to open the compartment without scanning the QR code;
  • the recipient will get an e-mail with a QR code to open the compartment, which you can scan with the parcel locker’s scanner, and a code to open the compartment without scanning the QR code
  • the recipient will get an SMS with a code to open the compartment, which has to be entered on the parcel locker’s screen

Acceptable dimensions for collection from a parcel locker:

Parcel compartment size Maximum size and weight of a parcel
A 8x38x64 cm, 25 kg
B 19x38x64 cm, 25 kg
C 41x38x64 cm, 25 kg

How do I get my parcel by courier?

Wait for an SMS or email to a contact phone number specified by the sender from Ukraine. The message will come from our partner InPost.

Before delivering the parcel, the InPost delivery service contacts the recipient via SMS and email.

The recipient requires the following documents for address delivery: a passport or any other proof of identity.

Acceptable shipment size for delivery by courier:

  • The longest side is no longer than 120 cm
  • The maximum weight (volumetric or actual) is no more than 30 kg
  • The overall dimensions of the parcel - width + height + length (in cm) - do not exceed 150 cm
  • Sending several package units as a single parcel is not permitted.


  • Up to EUR 44 - for Parcel From Home service
  • Up to EUR 10,000 - or Global Delivery service


For the Parcel From Home service, the recommended estimated value is up to EUR 44. If the estimated value is higher, the recipient is required to complete a customs clearance form and pay customs fees (for example, in Poland, the duty is equal to 23% of the estimated value, if the estimated value of the shipment is EUR 100, the recipient must pay EUR 23 to the Polish budget).

Please note: the estimated value may be changed by the customs authorities of the recipient’s country.

For the Global Delivery service, the limit for duty-free shipment is 0, i.e., upon any receipt, the Polish customs service charges import taxes and duties of approximately 23%.