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- International delivery

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Reliable, easy and quick delivery to Ukraine for your business needs.

Business Services

Express document delivery
up to 1 kg

Parcel delivery
up to 30 kg

Cargo delivery
up to 1,000 kg

To ship from Poland:

  • from a Nova Post branch

To receive in Ukraine:

  • At a branch
  • At the receiver’s address
  • At an automated parcel locker

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Additional Services


How to ship

1. Sign an agreement

Sign an agreement for the organisation of transporation services by contacting the sales department or by leaving a note on our site.

2. Become acquainted with the list

Become acquainted with the list. If needed, request a consultation with a Nova Post sales manager about preparing international shipments or leave a note on our site. Goods which cannot be received and shipped.

3. Select

Select one of the methods for customs clearance (with the help of Nova Post, on your own, or by using the services of a different customs broker).

4. Determine the type of services

Determine the type of services required (packaging, pick up at shipper’s address, delivery to receiver’s address, customs broker services). You can also pack the shipment on your own in accordance with packing requirements.

5. Prepare

Prepare shipping documents.

6. Request shipment

Fill out the form of the international express shipment through a sales manager or come to a branch with the shipment and shipping documents.

7. Provide the shipment

Provide the shipment to a Nova Post branch representative and provide the required information, to allow the branch operators to prepare the shipping information. The Nova Post employee will calculate the weight and size of the shipment.

8. Payment

Pay for the shipping and additional services requested from Nova Post.

Branch hours:

  • week days from 08:00 to 20:00
  • weekends from 09:00 to 18:00

Sales Department hours:

  • week days: from 09:00 to 17:00
  • Tel.: +48 532 697 974
  • email:

Our Responsibility

We guarantee the security of the shipments which we deliver

Delivery of the shipment to the receiver

Delivery of the shipment to the receiver